Das Fahrzeug der Zukunft für Afrika?

In Gebieten wie Afrika braucht man keine Kawasaki Hayabusa, Audi TT oder ein anderes High-Tech Fahrzeug. Gerade ein Seitenwagen bietet optimale Vorraussetzung um dortige Mobilitätsprobleme zu lösen.
Etwas ganz besonderes ist die Idee von der englischen Firma Ranger.
Das "Lifecycle" ist ein Fahrzeug, dass den Menschen helfen soll. Es wurde beim Bau darauf geachtet, dass möglichst einfache Technik verwendet wird. Also solide Technik, die einfach repariert werden kann.
Das "Lifecycle" ist in verschiedenen Ausführungen lieferbar, als Medizinstation, Wasserstation, Arbeitsstation...
Es soll Leben retten.
Ich finde die Idee der Engländer wirklich lobenswert und schön.
Ürigens: Ziel ist es, dass irgendwann mal das Fahrzeug in Afrika von Afrikanern gebaut wird.

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Product range

The problem

How to bring the benefits of modern motorised transport to parts of the developing world where roads are either in poor repair or do not exist at all, while ensuring that the vehicles remain sustainable, thus becoming part of the success of a community and not a burden.
These problems have often been tackled by using traditional four-wheel drive vehicles. These are however, expensive to buy and replace, and more importantly costly and technically complex to run. Solo motorcycles do provide a cost effective solution but are limited in the loads that they can carry.

The solution - eRanger
The eRanger combines the benefits of a motorcycle with the cargo capacity of a sidecar, in a package that is cost effective, rugged and simple to maintain. Ideal for use by the local popualtion and already tried and tested in the hardest conditions the eRanger has proven to be extremely durable and reliable and is already making a positive impact in various parts of the world.
The basic unit can be adapted to provide solutions to a wide range of typical developing world problems, all in a package that is affordable, reliable, rugged and very importantly, sustainable within communities to help them become more self-reliant.
The concept of sustainability is further reinforced by the development of the maintenance unit that contains all the tools and equipment needed to properly maintain and repair a "fleet" of vehicles, as well as other equipment.
The motorbikes used are the Jialing JH125 and JH200. However, the versatility of the construction means that the unit can be driven by various lightweight, four-stroke off-road motorcycles designed to suit the customer's requirements.
Although the construction of the eRanger is relatively low 'tech' allowing easy repair, each unit is constructed using jigs and appropriate manufacturing techniques to ensure they are finished to the same high standard.
Training for riders or operators is available at our college in Eastern Cape South Africa, near East London. The training includes:Basic control Road riding Off-road riding (on our specially designed off-road test track) Essential maintenance It can take as little as 5 hours to reach basic competence. Students are trained to deal with all of the various conditions and difficulties that driving in rural Africa can present. More advanced training can also be arranged.

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